Our Awesome Features

It may sound simple, but we have some amazing features you can be proud of, and be part of!


Setup and manage your account, and frequencies of deliveries.

Discount / Referals

You can use your own referal code, to pass on savings and get free tape for yourself.

Other items

We will get other items you can add to your delivery (eg, Stick Wax, gum shields etc).


All plans are monthly, and can be billed on the 1st, or 15th of the month.
Please allow 5 days for delivery.
Free Postage on Semi-Pro & Elite Plans!



1x Stick Tape

Free Gift every 6 Months

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1x Stick Tape
1x Leg Tape
Free Gift every 4 months

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2x Stick Tape
2x Leg Tape
Free Gift every 2 months

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